Go Fly A Kite

Kyle F.

I love flying kites! I fly kites at the beach with my parents, and my dad and I fly kites while my mom watches us.

Kite flying is fun for all ages! Kites are not very expensive; if you want a nice small one, it may only cost up to $15! If you want to go pro and get a big professional kite, you going to need a lot more money. These kites can sell for up to $500! The big kites are also a lot harder to fly. I’d rather get a smaller kite (they fly better).K

My dad and I also use fishing poles to fly kites. Do you know why we do that? We do that because it is so much easier to reel in the kite with a fishing pole. My dad and I also attach many kites to one string to see how we can get them. I was flying a kite that was in the clouds one time! When I reeled it in, the kite was damp! The most we have ever gotten on one string is three kites on one string, and that was done by my dad. There are many types of kites, but whatever you choose, keep on flying!