Primary Elections 2018

Heather S.

Last Thursday, September 13th, the Primary Democratic Elections were held. What are the Primaries, you wonder? Keep reading to find out more.


The Democratic party, with one vote shy of the majority in the state senate, is looking to take full control this November during the upcoming elections. And this recent Thursday may sway that outcome. Because the Republicans in May have already elected their candidate for NY state governor, the Democrats are left to chose. Afterwards, each candidate elected from both parties will battle it out for the grand prize: the office of NY State governor.


The main candidates running for office are honorable people you should get to know. Check out their biographies below!


First off, meet our current governor since 2011. Introducing Andrew Cuomo! Cuomo is democratic and strives to crush homelessness, lower tax rates, and equality for everyone. He lives in Westchester County with his wife Sandra and 3 daughters, Mariah, Michaela, and Cara. Since Cuomo was elected in 2011, tax rates have gone down, as well as unemployment. Voting for him is a good choice for the state.


Secondly, meet our female candidate, Cynthia Nixon! She strives to “transform New York” into a state “for the many”. Cynthia has formerly acted on HBO’s popular show ‘Sex and the City’, where she found fame. She aims to fight for equality for everyone, use renewable energy, and level out income inequality. She lives with her wife, Christine, and her son, Max.


Each Election Day is held on the first Tuesday of November, and is recognized as a national holiday in several states, including New York, as it should be. Voters get time off from work, and kids have the school day off to go and vote for our countries’ big guns, it’s government officials. Voting lines can be so long, they snake around several blocks! Lots of people have their own opinions, and with each vote, comes little bits of change.


The primary election season usually starts around February every other year. We vote for our President during the primaries every four years. The first elections are Held in New Hampshire, and usually end in the fall. The last elections are held in Louisiana in November.

I hope you learned a little bit about the primary elections in this article. Remember: even though you cannot vote yet, you can still influence others’ votes and help your candidate win!