Tamandua Thrill

Lucas I.

Have you ever wanted an anteater as a pet? Well, you can! Tamanduas are the cutest mini anteaters to have as pets, with all the anteater goodness and fewer the legal issues!

They live in forests and grasslands but are perfectly fine to have as pets. They might even be better off as pets, for their small size might make them easy for predators to catch.  They like to climb, and are often seen in hammocks. They have very powerful tails. They are used as an extra hand or foot while climbing, and sometimes like a tripod, which is why they are often seen standing up.  For more tamandua information, the youtube channel “Anteaters  & Foxes”. She has two tamanduas, Pua and Aurora, that she films doing various things, such as taking walks, doing enrichment puzzles and sleeping inside of washing machines. In conclusion, Tamanduas are very cute and very unique.