Great White Sharks

Emily K.

Great white sharks have white bellies, gray backs, and the tips of their fins are white.  The purpose of their bellies being white and their backs being gray is so that if anybody looks at them from any direction they will be mostly camouflaged.  The white tips of their fins give them their name.  At full length, females are about 15-21 feet long and males are 11-13 feet long. They weigh 1,500-2,400 pounds at adulthood.  On the outside of their skin they have scales which are more like teeth than scales than called denticles.  If you rub a shark one way it will be smooth but if you rub it the other way your hand will be cut. The denticles protect them and help them swim faster and more quietly.  They also have they have about two or three rows of teeth and when one tooth falls out, which happens a lot to sharks, anot

Great white sharks are the most biggest sharks ever. They can weigh 2.5 tons or more.

her tooth from behind it will just move in.  

Great white sharks have one fin on each side of their bodies, a dorsal fin, and a small fin near their tails.  Their tail moves back and forth when they swim and their bodies move with the tail.  They never stop swimming or they will die.  They have a sixth sense called a lateral line system which helps them sense electricity.  They have them on their noses.  They also have all the senses we have, too.  

Some species of sharks have a live-bearing birth and other sharks lay eggs.  Great white shark pups grow in a egg inside of the mom and when it hatches the mom gives birth to the pup.  The pups weigh about 77 pounds when born and they are about 5 feet long.  There are about two to ten shark pups in each litter.

Great white sharks are predators.  They eat seals, small toothed whales, and carrion, which are dead animals floating around in the water.  Even though great white sharks have a lot of very strong teeth they just use them to kill their prey.  They swallow their kills whole.  I hope that you learned a lot of new knowledge about great white sharks from this article.