Did You Know Trees Explode?

Emily K.

Did you know that trees explode? There are three different scenarios that can cause this to happen.  The first one is when temperatures get very cold the water within the sap of the tree freezes.  The water expands as the bark contracts and the bark splits.  It makes a sound like a gunshot when this occurs.

Yucca trees grow in the Caribbean and some parts of America.

Another scenario that causes this to happen is when a tree gets struck by lightning.  When a tree gets struck by lightning the water within sap may start to boil.  When this happens the steam coming from the water will cause too much pressure within the tree.  When the pressure reaches a certain point the tree trunk will explode.

The final scenario in which trees can explode is specific to the Eucalyptus tree.  If this tree catches on fire, the eucalyptus oil seeps out. The eucalyptus oil gives off flammable vapors and these can be ignited causing the tree to explode.  So if you are walking in the woods in subzero temperatures, a lightning storm, or a bush fire you better watch out for exploding trees.