Lucas I.

You’ve surely heard of LEGO and their iconic minifigures, but have you ever wondered what kind of legos existed way back when? In 1978, the LEGO Group launched their first figure with posable arms and legs, a policeman. Soon after, they launched the now cult classic FABULAND. Meant as a bridge for children growing out of DUPLO, it had easy to read instructions, large, chunky pieces, easy to build with and of course, the oversized animal figures. Each character had a fun name, like Ricky Raccoon, Cathy Cat and Bruno Bear, to name a few. Fabuland ran from 1979 to 1989, making it one of the longest running themes to date. It had a grand total of 102 sets, with ones like Catherine Cat’s Kitchen, Country Cottage ,Ice Cream Shoppe, and even a cutlery set. Although sets are no longer produced, Fabuland is still interesting to adults and children alike.