Halloween Traditions: Booing Begins

Heather S. and Maylani L.

Summer ended.  School started. You wake up, remembering that you forgot to do your homework. The school nightmare has begun. But no worries! The air is getting crisper and cooler. And that can only mean one thing, Halloween!


One day as you think about what costume to wear you hear a knock on your door. Who would come to see you at this hour? You open the door just to find that no one is there! You are about to close the door when you notice something that wasn’t there before…. It’s a bag of treats!

You realize that you’ve been boo-ed.


What is booing?

Halloween BOO-ing ~ Poem and Signs. … Sometimes called “Ghosting” or “the Halloween Phantom”, the Halloween BOO is an Autumn take on “Secret Santa” or May baskets. Usually seen in neighborhoods–but sometimes in the workplace–BOO-ing is a friendly, children’s tradition for Halloween fun in which a person leaves an anonymous bag of treats ( like candy) at a friend’s doorstep. The friend then has to pass on the tradition to another friend.


Where did Booing originate?


Booing originated in England around the 1920’s. The idea was to give children something similar to Secret Santa, except on Halloween.

What should I do if I’m boo-ed?


Chances are, your friend is probably going to boo you. No worries! The first thing you MUST do is print out a sign from your computer that says “We’ve been boo-ed!” or “The phantom ghost has been here!” or any other sign tha


t shows you have been boo-ed and cannot be boo-ed again. Go to http://www.beenbooed.com/ for templates and ideas.


Looking for things to put into your treat bag? Here are a few tips that can save time    and effort.




  • You can make homemade goodies, or buy things from the store, but people will probably throw away homemade treats because they don’t know where they’ve been.




  • You don’t need to go out booing if you feel you don’t want to. It is supposed to be fun, not a burden.



  • Buy a few things to give to people that are pre-packaged like a snack size pack of oreos.



Now it’s time for the poem.



Every treat you put on people’s doorstep needs to be recognized as boo effort. When people boo, they usually leave a poem with the treats. Here are a few short sample poems to try:


  • I ring the bell and run, run, run. It’s time for some Halloween booing fun!


  • The phantom ghost has come to town. To leave some goodies… I see you’ve found.
  • If you wish to make this a happier fall…


Continue this greeting, this phantom call.(http://www.beenbooed.com/)

Now it’s your turn- get everyone into the Halloween spirit with this fun tradition!