Charles, Reporter


    Fans of Nintendo (like myself) know about the NES Classic. The console Nintendo released in America on November 11th became a hit and sold 2.3 million copies across the world. But on April 13, Nintendo mysteriously discontinued production of the NES Classic. Here is why they cancelled this popular $60 console.

    This reason is what I found shocking. The NES Classic Edition was meant to be a collectors item! Not really a big surprise that it would be a collector’s item because if everyone had it, it wouldn’ be a collector’s item.

    Another reason was because of the Nintendo Switch. People at Nintendo know that if the NES Classic became too popular, it would overshadow the Switch and Nintendo really depends on the Switch to make up for the Wii U’s losses. Along with that, Nintendo also wants you to buy old school games on the Nintendo Switch.

    The final reason, though this has not been confirmed with Nintendo, is that Nintendo plans to release the SNES Classic Edition at the end of the year with its original games on it.