The Woolly Mammoth

Melanie, Reporter

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The Woolly Mammoth is extinct as we know it… right? Well scientists in Russia are trying really hard to ‘recreate’ the Woolly Mammoth. Their hope… to get extinct animals to relive again. Yes I know, this sounds very “frankensteinish”, but now in the modern ages, apparently almost anything and everything is possible to accomplish. It wouldn’t be a 100% Woolly Mammoth…it would be a cross between an Asian elephant and a Woolly Mammoth. Now how would you do this you may ask? The scientists are using a genetic cut and paste tool called CRISPR. They would splice some Woolly Mammoth genes and combine it into Asian elephant cells. They get these mammoth genes from the two mammoths that they have found in Siberia. This hybrid would have have very similar characteristics to the mammoth and can live in cold environments. And the combination of different animals just started. Now scientists hope to get genes from other scientists and make an almost clone that somewhat resembles its extinct  ancestors.

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The Woolly Mammoth