Two Headed Shark!

Lara, Reporter

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Recently, off the coast of the Florida Keys, some fishermen caught a mother bull shark that carried a big surprise with her! When one of the fishermen on the boat was gutting the female bull shark, he found a two headed shark! The shark died minutes after it was discovered.

The two headed bull shark soon made its way to the hands of scientists. They reported that the shark probably wouldn’t have made it in the wild.  They also said that two-headedness is very rare when it comes to sharks and is quite rare in particular.  It’s the first case of two-headedness ever detected in a bull shark which is known as dicephalia.

The two-headedness came to be when the egg in the mother bull shark began to separate, but never finished.  Since this occurred, the shark split into two sharks at the head, but it remained joined together at the tail.  Each shark head had two eyes, a mouth with the usual amount of teeth as a normal shark, and the usual five pairs of gills. However, the shark had four dorsal fins on its back, when a normal bull shark would have one.

More on the two-headed shark is to be found out, so look out for additional information!

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Two Headed Shark!