My Favorite Form of Digital Art

There are many forms of digital art. My personal favorite is something called an aesthetic. Aesthetics are a fun and creative way to express your love of something, such as a book. If you have Instagram or access to the internet, you can look up one of my favorite editors. Her name is @feufleurs. You can look her up on the internet or on Instagram and see her work.


(This aesthetic is of the Greek goddess, Hecate.) To me, this is work of art is quite beautiful. There are other kinds of aesthetics as well, since this type might not appeal to you.

(All credits to @feufleurs, I did not create this aesthetic.)

All aesthetics are made on a device, with many apps such as:

  • Phonto
  • PicsArt
  • Eraser
  • VSCO
  • Polarr

(All credits for this aesthetic go to @ms.olympus.)

This is another form of aesthetic made by @ms.olympus. Most aesthetics are fandom aesthetics. This one in particular is of Annabeth Chase, from the PJO fandom. I also think this kind of aesthetic is beautiful. In my opinion, aesthetics are very beautiful and can express creativity. But, if you choose to start making aesthetics, you must be very committed. You will not be very good the first time you attempt to make one. You will get better with practice. LOTS AND LOTS of practice. I am still improving myself and I hope to get as good as these editors. If you want to try this form of digital art, I suggest you look up these two editors.