Irish Stepdance

Emma B.

Hi! My name is Emma and I am new to the Smoke Signals team! I wanted to tell you all about my favorite hobby, Irish Stepdance! I have been doing Stepdance for about three years an I love it! In Irish Stepdance, competitions are called feises. I do feises about once every two or three months. I go to class every Saturday and I have to practice a lot at home. It is a lot of fun, and I know four types of dances, and two different types of shoes, soft and hard. There are typically counts of three, but sometimes five. First, there is reel. Reel is one of the most simple dances. You move around a lot and do two steps, right and left, at a time. It is done in soft shoes and with counts of three. Then there is jig, and it is also very simple. It is basically the same step, over and over, with small changes every time you do the step. It is also in soft shoes with counts of three. The third dance in  soft shoe is slip jig. It is like the reel, but with counts of five. The last dance I know is the hard shoe jig. It is similar to soft shoe jig, but in hard shoes.