My New Life Prologue

Madison S.


“What!!” I screamed.

“Yeah, I know this is short notice, but we didn’t want you guys to try and run away so, yeah, we’re moving from here to a chain of cabins in Maine,” Mom said.

I walked away with a heavy heart. This was my town! I was born and raised here. I had friends! I had a great honors program for English and social studies plus a creative writing course. That was all going to change. Suddenly, I stopped dead in my tracks. I was so stupid! I was going to have to leave Lily, Nai’a,  and Niki. Would I even have time to say goodbye? One thing to go, done! Wait! I almost forgot my Pineloyal Academy books. How could I? They were my favorite books ever. The only one I didn’t have was the first one, my favorite one. So, after that was packed, everything was packed. I had packed up my whole life is just two hours. I said a final goodbye to our mini mansion in California, and headed to the airport with my family.



“Wow! Really! How could you be so cruel and do this to me! What about my friends! My money maker stand! My popularity! MY LIFE!!! Why do you get to take all of that away! What did I ever, ever do to you to deserve a punishment so horrible! I’ve been a good daughter! Let me go pack up my whole life and meet you at a crummy airport for what destination? Maine. We live in a mini mansion and you want to leave that behind?”

I stormed off to my room and slammed the door. How could they do this to me? I threw everything I owned into suitcases. I almost forgot to pack up my wreath stand. I ran out the door with a bunch of bags and didn’t stop running until I got to the stand. It was really late at night, almost morning, so no one was around. The tears I had choked back came flooding down my cheeks, enough to make a small lake. I plopped down on the soft, white sand and cried. I cried until I remembered that I was here to pack up my stand. Looking through the beautifully woven wreaths made me realize that the wish I made when  I turned… well it doesn’t matter. I wished that I could leave this place and now I had this chance and I didn’t want to take it. With everything packed up, I slowly got up, brushed myself off, reapplied my makeup and took a winding trail back up to our no longer home and rushed to the airport with my family.



I didn’t even try to hide that fact that I was upset. I just cried. My hockey teammates were my best friends. And I had to pick myself up and pretend I didn’t need them? So, I did the only thing I could do. I ran. I didn’t stop until I got to my room, my awesome room, filled with hockey treasures and momentos. After 10 years of playing, my room was overflowing with pucks, articles, and pictures of my teammates, past and present. Now I just had to walk away from all of that like it didn’t happen? I didn’t have suitcases, by choice of course,  so I used old hockey bags to put each and every precious memory in carefully. I wanted to make sure I didn’t leave anything behind. The most important thing to me was my silver stick award for being the most caring and outspoken player, willing to stand up for my teammates. It was given to me by my teammates. I tucked it in my carry on for the plane and was off for a whole new adventure with new teammates in a whole new state in a whole new side of the country. The first step was getting to the airport and surviving a plane ride between Amber, who constantly said like and Modesty, who just keeps reading. Yeah, this is going to be fun.

To Be Continued…