Mechanical vs. Wooden Pencils

Emily K.

You’re in school, writing a essay when your pencil breaks.  You walk up to the sharpener and put your pencil in.  It’s so loud that the entire class turns around and gets mad at you.  Or maybe you decided to use a little manual sharpener you keep at your desk but it takes so long the period is almost over by the time your done.  If only you were just using a mechanical pencil where you could have had enough time to finish your essay and the whole class wouldn’t have stared at you.

Wooden pencils have their advantages too.  They are the original kinds of pencils that were used by your parents when they were in school and some kids like that better than the new pencils some of use now

  You also don’t have to buy more and more lead to go in your mechanical pencils.  Some people also say it gives more support and it is easier to shade with than the mechanical pencils.

There might be a compromise between the two.  There is now extra strength mechanical pencils.  They have a much stronger lead than normal mechanical pencils and they don’t have to be sharpened like wooden pencils.  This fixes most of the problems that comes with both of them.  Which do you think is the better writing tool?  Or do think the extra strength mechanical pencil is a new tool you might like to try out?