How to Make Oreo Balls

How to Make Oreo Balls

Isabella, Reporter


Chocolate frosting

12 Oreos

1 package of cream cheese



    The first thing you need to do is smash all the Oreos in a bowl. Make sure they are really small like sprinkles. Then put the whole package of cream cheese into the bowl and mix with a spoon.

    Next, take your Oreo and cream cheese mix and make them into tiny balls on your plate.  When you are done put the Oreo balls into the freezer for fifteen minutes. Freezing them will help you easily spread the chocolate frosting on them once they are frozen.

   Once you have waited fifteen minutes, take the Oreo balls out of the freezer and the chocolate frosting and spread it around the frozen Oreo balls.  It may be easier to use a smaller spoon depending on how big you made your cream cheese and Oreo balls.             

    Finally, when you are done spreading the chocolate frosting on all of the Oreo balls, put them into the freezer for another fifteen minutes. Now you can enjoy your yummy Oreo balls!