Martin Luther King Jr.

Olivia B. and Maylani L.

“I Have a Dream”

As you may know, Mr. King is very famous. But why is he famous?

Martin Luther King started out by being a minister/baptist. When he was alive, African-Americans were treated much differently than they are today. Later on in his life, he realized that this injustice needs to disappear. Martin started to lead peaceful protests, he made sure that no one was hurt while him and a group were fighting for equality. Eventually, Martin and his beliefs on racism were being acknowledged. Finally, in August 28, 1963, he made his famous “ I Have a Dream” speech asking for peace and justice.

Martin Makes Fame

Unfortunately, not everyone shared Martin’s views on racism. On April 4, 1968, Mr. King was assassinated by James Earl Ray. Yearly, on January 15, we celebrate Mr. King’s special day and honor Martin Luther King and all he has done. “ I Have a Dream.”- Martin Luther King Jr.

James Earl Ray

Ray was sentenced to 99 years in jail (this became 100 because of he tried to escape prison, but was caught  and died about 2 decades later after due to kidney disease and liver failure caused by hepatitis C.) James had committed many crimes before he killed Martin Luther King Jr. He was a very bad person!


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