Falling for Books

Dean A.

I have just finished my book, “The Malbone Street Mishap of 1918”. A few people have read it so far and everybody so far is saying that this is their favorite. I don’t blame them. It does have a lot of information. It even takes place during WWI which is a pretty cool time period, especially that it takes place ten days before the war ended. This book takes place on November 1, and November 11 is when the war ended. That is why we now refer to that day as “Veteran’s Day” today. This was book #5. If you think this news is exciting enough for you, then wait until you hear this.

I have finally thought up the idea for my next book. This book is kind of special because this is the first book that takes place in the 1800s. It is about “The Great Blizzard of 1888”. This blizzard convinced everyone in New York that railways need to be underground. The plans were originated in 1894. Construction of the underground began in 1900, and construction was completed in 1904, which is what my first book I wrote. It is called “The Life of the New York Subway, 1904”. My new book is called “The Blizzard of the New York Subway, 1888”. This was one of the worst blizzards in New York history. The blizzard in January, 2016 was the worst. We had about three feet of snow. I still remember it. I was only nine years old. It was not very much fun staying inside playing games and watching T.V. I mean, it was fun at first, but after a while, it got pretty boring. It snowed for two days straight, and to my surprise, we didn’t lose power at all. I was shocked because I thought the wires would freeze up. But, after two boring days and nights staying inside, we went out and played in the snow and built a snowman that was taller than my dad. It was about six and a half feet tall. We also made snow angels, built snow forts, played with the sled, even took a ride to my grandparents house in the sled, which was really fun. My favorite parts are where we made snow cones out of real snow and saw the giant icicles.

I must say, I really enjoyed New York’s worst blizzard that I will never forget. In New York City, all the overground railways were shut down. It just came to me which is the whole reason why I decided to write this book. I promise that it will be written and done by Christmas, but don’t rush me. I need some time. Also, keep your fingers crossed. I might be able to have one more out. If you are looking to ask me a question about anything, my advisor is Mr. Mule. And just remember one thing: Whenever you feel like sitting down to play video games, maybe you should crack open a good book or listen to an audiobook and let your imagination fly away with you.