Orleans Book Review

Natalie M.

Do you like books that are exciting and full of adventure? Then I recommend Orleans by Sherri L. Smith. This book takes place in the future where a horrible disease broke out affecting lots of people, so they built a wall. Now that the wall has been up for years the people in Orleans have their own way of life. They are separated by blood type and hunt for each other’s blood. Fen is a teenage girl who has spent her whole life in Orleans. Her good friend had died leaving Fin with her baby. Daniel is a man whose brother died from the disease at a young age. Now he is dedicated to find a cure for the disease. Daniel makes the brave decision to walk into Orleans and what he finds is that they created their own way of life. Then Fen and Daniel are both kidnapped so they decide to work together to escape. Once they are out Daniel explains the Fen that he is working to find a cure for the fever and he needs to find information and then get back over the wall. He asks if he could help her. She was against it at first but then they made a deal. If Fen gets Daniel over the wall then he will take the baby over the wall so she is safe. Will they get over the wall? Read to find out!