The Movie That Traumitized Me

Brendan O.

As a little kid I loved to watch movies. Lots of funny, cartoons, like Disney or Dreamworks. But some movies are just to scary. But there’s one movie that crosses the boundary between a kids movie, and a movie that will give you chills down your, and I’m about to show you the movie that traumatized me.

It was about a few years ago, and I was on Netflix. I wanted to watch a nice cartoon, that I would like. Then the movie “Coraline” popped up. Yep you guessed it. The movie that scared me half to death. I tapped on it.

At first I thought it was cool. I mean, a door that leads to another dimension, which has the perfect family. The only creepy thing is that the other family had button eyes.

It was looking good. But then the other family told the girl, Coraline, that she could stay forever. Coraline opened the gift, and…



The mom wanted to sew buttons in the girl’s eyes. That is beyond PG if you ask me.  So she tries to go to bed, and hopes she escapes, and………..she doesn’t. 

And we run into the other dad and…

Just way too scary for kids.

So she escapes loses her parents to the other parents, Coraline has to find the eyes of the children who the Beldam (Other Mother ) hid plus her parents.

So when Coraline finds all the eyes and shows them to the Beldam, The Beldam turns into a Spider Skeleton thing!


Coraline finds her parents, beats the Beldam and lives happily ever after, for now.

So that was the movie that traumatized me as  a kid.