Maximum Ride Book Review

Emma C.

          Are looking for a new book series? Are you into fantasy and thriller? If so, I know the perfect book series! I love to read and I have come across a book series that has to be my all-time favorite. 

          The series is called  “Maximum Ride” by James Patterson. It’s about 6 kids who are avian-human hybrids. This means they have wings and their bodies are built a little different, but they are overall just regular human kids. You would think their life would be easier because they could fly for the problems, literally. This is certainly not the case. They have to survive in the danger and save the world at the same time. People are after them. Relationships get intense. Who can you trust?

           This book series has everything, thriller, exciting, intense, happy, sad, scary, and romantic moments that bring the story to life. This is about a perfect book series to get addicted to.

           All the books you can get from the Middle School Library or even the Wantagh Public Library. Also if you are into thriller movies, the 1st book was made into a movie if you want to watch it instead!