Hunger Games Book Review

Jayden M.

The Hunger Games was an overall great book. I would recommend it every time someone asks me for a book they would like. Here’s how many people have read the Hunger Games or not.

                    Have                         Have Not                       

                        2                                  8 

As you can see, a large amount of people have never read The Hunger Games. This is why I am trying to get people to read it. It will change your life. It is a science fiction book, but it really does not feel like one. It takes place in the future, when the sea level rose and one of the only pieces of land left on Earth was North America, or Panem, the country they established. If you are reading this article, then read it right now. Buy it. Borrow it from your local library. You’ll never know if you like it or not. The only way is to try it.