Our New Favorite Game!

Sofia H. and Lorenzo H.

As you can see from the title we are obsessed with a game. What game, you ask? The game is Little Alchemy 2. You should totally try it! Lorenzo kept begging me to play it, and I just started. We both love it. Some items in the game are hard to get, but I just put random things together and sometimes it works and sometimes it does not work. The game requires you to put together many various things (from acid rain to zoo) and create new things. Some combinations make sense, but some do not! At first, you start out with air, earth (meaning ground, not planet), sun, and water; and with those, you can go far as pizza! PIZZA!! There are 720 items you can get, and so far I (Lorenzo) have 211. I (Sofia) has 232 items. There are a few sites that you can get hints for some of the different items. You have to (mostly) be logical in your decisions when putting things together. You can’t lose any items, but once you have used all the uses for it, it counts as a “depleted” item. So, once you get an item use any types of things that would be anything remotely close to it!! Also…here’s a tip. If you ctrl shift q q your chromebook, it will make you start over the whole game. You lose all of your stuff. That happened to me (Sofia) 2 or 3 times. You also can press Power Off and the same thing will happen. I hate that! It happened again… someone powered of my chromebook!