The Little Mermaid Jr St. Frances Drama Group

Sofia H.

St. Frances Drama Group is an outside school activity. We are doing The Little Mermaid Jr now. It is VERY fun. You make new friends, new plays, and more. I am playing the role of Carlotta. She is the maid of Prince Eric and good friends with Ariel. My brother, Lorenzo, is Sebastian. There are 2 casts. I’m in the 4:00 cast. There is also the 5:30 cast. A lot of my friends have parts and they are all mostly in my cast. These are the parts that my friends have. Prince Eric, Scuttle, some of the Mersisters, Ariel, Sebastian, Chef Louis, Pilot, Grimsby, Ursula, some of the Princess, King Triton, and probably more I can’t remember. I started this year and I already love it! My friend Kaitlin is a jellyfish. We have rehearsal every Friday but when it gets canceled, I get sad because I love it so much. Also, sometimes if you have a main part, you might have to go on other days like Saturday or Sunday to practice more. I think a lot of people should join.