Christmas Party

Ava K. and Nora T.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  We’ve finally gotten our first snow, and Christmas is just two weeks away.  Universal’s new The Grinch has just come out, trees have been put up, and small children have begun to scrounge their homes for an Elf-on-the-Shelf in the mornings.  Christmas parties are a universal festivity. Unfortunately, there are only so many things you can do at them. Here is a list of fun Christmas-related activities for parties if you’re stumped on what to do.   


SECRET SANTA- Each guest will take a turn to pick another guest’s name out of a hat. After choosing, you shop for that person and gift them something you know they will love!


GINGERBREAD HOUSE CONTEST- Separate guests into teams and see which team creates the most elaborate gingerbread house. Provide plenty of candies and icing!

UGLIEST SWEATER CONTEST- Instruct all guests to arrive in an ugly sweater. Have everyone vote on who wore the ugliest sweater.

CHRISTMAS MOVIE TRIVIA- Show a small part of a famous Christmas movie and see if any guest can identify the name of the movie.  You can also find a Kahoot online with questions about famous Christmas movies and have guests play on their phones.

NAME THAT CHRISTMAS SONG- Play a small part of a Christmas song and see if any guest can identify what song was played.


GIFT WRAP RELAY- Separate guests into teams. Each team is assigned to a table full of gifts and wrapping supplies. The team that finishes wrapping all gifts first wins.


STOCKING GUESSING GAME- The host of the party will place a series of objects in a stocking. The guests will sit in a circle passing the stocking around and guessing the objects. If someone guesses correctly, they will receive the object.