Stranger Things

Allison B.

   Have you ever watched Stranger Things? Stranger Things is a great show on Netflix, but it’s not for everyone. If you can’t handle jump scares or super suspenseful moments, then I don’t recommend watching it.

   The story takes place in Hawkins, Indiana. It follows 4 friends named Mike, Dustin, Lucas and Will. Will disappears and his friends set off on a dangerous adventure to go looking for him. While they are looking for Will, they encounter an odd girl named Eleven who has strange powers.  They all worked together to defeat the dark forces of the demogorgon. The demogorgon is a monster that was created in the upside down world. The boys used their experience with Dungeons and Dragons while Eleven used her super powers. Spoiler alert – in the end they saved their friend!

   I think I liked Stranger Things so much because I really enjoyed the suspenseful plot. I also liked the characters.  My favorite character is Mad Max, a girl who moved to Hawkins in Season 2. Fans can expect Season 3 some time in 2019. I can’t wait!