Camelback Indoor Water Park

Robbie, Reporter

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During the holiday break, I went to Camelback Indoor Water Park and Lodge. It was by far one of my favorite vacations. I would easily rate it 5 stars. So basically you check in to their massively huge lobby, to get your “room key”. When you check in, the people at the desk give you and your family orange bands that you put on your wrist,  showing that you are staying in Camelback. During Christmas time the lobby has a tree that is over 50ft tall! There is a climbing activity, laser tag, a huge arcade, and many more amenities! The indoor water park is huge! There are so many slides that are all different. No slides are alike. There are two extreme slides that you are put into a tube and an automatic door closes. There is also a countdown, and after it reaches one, it drops you at unimaginable speeds. There is also a venus fly trap themed slide that has a huge tube that can hold 800 pounds or less. It almost has you completely sideways wall that looks like the mouth of a venus fly trap.

There is also a huge wave pool that produces waves up to 7ft high! They do have tubes all over from the lazy river raft that you can bring into the pool. There is also another slide that you take a mat, like a blue water resistant mat with handles to hold on to. You go headfirst and during the day the have different colored tubes that have light slivers that allow light in to make it look like you are traveling through a space portal. Hence the name;”Space Racer”.

I really enjoyed my stay at the Camelback Lodge and  I would recommend it to anyone of all ages!

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Camelback Indoor Water Park